Famous Breasts in History

Natalie Portman Portrays Anne Boleyn Although many would argue that we have lived in a patriarchal society since the age of cavepersons, there is no doubt that female breasts have played – and continue to play – a pivotal role in society. Why they’re just so versatile! Breasts are cultural and fashion icons, they’ve launched social […]

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Celebrity Nose Jobs

I honestly can’t understand why celebrities try and keep their plastic surgery a secret. Attempted cover-up, in my opinion, is not unlike taking your purebred dachshund to a breeder, with claims he’ll father a show-worthy litter when you’ve already had him neutered. Yep, sooner or later, despite the quality of your stud’s neuticles (canine testicular implants), someone’s […]

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Why Orgasms Are Good For Your Health

Time to get busy, people! According to a new report, the Big O is more than just pleasurable—it’s also good for your health. Orgasms (and just good ol’ fashioned arousal) can release DHEA and Oxytocin, hormones that are beneficial to the heart and lower breast cancer risks, according to the Los Angeles Times. What’s more, the benefits apply to […]

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Japanese Cookie Claims to Enlarge Breasts

Can F-Cup Cookies Give You Bigger Breasts? Can a cookie a day keep the training bra away? According to the Japanese company that makes F-Cup Cookies—cookies designed to enlarge boobs—the answer is “hai” (that’d be yes). According to the F-Cup Cookie site, “Each F-cup Cookie contains 50mg of the herbal breast enhancer Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica is the […]

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10 “Healthy” Foods That May Kill You

You can’t pick up a newspaper these days without reading about all the stuff you SHOULDN’T be feeding your kids (or yourself, for that matter). High fructose corn syrup, saturated fats, trans fats, processed anything…Stay as natural as possible, right? With lovely, innocuous things like soy, chicken soup, and for goodness’ sake, milk right? Uh, […]

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Kissing Healthier Than a Handshake

Dig out the mistletoe and pucker up. Make-out bandits can rejoice thanks to a new report that says that kissing carries less risk of spreading infection (like a nasty cold or bug) than a handshake. According to a report from hygiene experts which was published in the American Journal of Infection Control, colds, flu, MRSA, and stomach bugs are […]

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