Jaclyn Smith: Still Sexy at 61!

Forget those crazy hairstyles on “Shear Genius”-the true work of art on that reality show is Jaclyn Smith’s face. It’s almost impossible to believe that our favorite “Charlie’s Angel”-and Kmart furniture and clothing Shiller-is now (gulp) 61. No, that’s not a typo. Smith doesn’t look a day over 45, which is remarkable considering that former […]

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The Worst Trout Pout in Hollywood

Step aside, Lisa Rinna. It’s time to hand over your “Freakishly Massive Lips” trophy to someone new…actress Saffron Burrows, of “Boston Legal” and “The Bank Job” fame. As photos from The Daily Mail show, the 35-year-old British actress showed up to the premiere of “The Bank Job” – co-starring Jason Statham – with gargantuan lips that appear […]

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