The History of Body Language

Why is it that when we meet someone, we shake their hand, when we’re proud of them, we give ’em a high five, and when we’re angry beyond words, we give ’em the finger? The answers may surprise you… Shaking hands Have you ever stopped to wonder why we shake hands to say “hello”? The […]

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Celebrity Nose Jobs

I honestly can’t understand why celebrities try and keep their plastic surgery a secret. Attempted cover-up, in my opinion, is not unlike taking your purebred dachshund to a breeder, with claims he’ll father a show-worthy litter when you’ve already had him neutered. Yep, sooner or later, despite the quality of your stud’s neuticles (canine testicular implants), someone’s […]

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Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body?

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